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What is C3N?

November 11, 2011

I read an article in Scientific American the other day about the C3N project.  The article, Facebook-Like Portal Helps Teens with Chrohn’s Collaborate on Medical Research, discusses the use of social networking to link doctors and patients in an interactive management of their Chrohn’s Disease symptoms.  The resulting data is then pooled to draw conclusions about treatment strategies.  It is a very intriguing concept.  C3N stands for Collaborative Chronic Care and is a project out of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.  They seem to be interested in developing software to link patients and health care professionals in ways that improve quality and effectiveness of care.  On the website they say they would like to expand from the applications they have developed in the area of children’s Chrohn’s disease into treatment of other chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and psoriasis.

Being a heart disease patient myself, I was intrigued.  I wrote to request more information, explaining my interest as both a patient and as a health care professional.  The response I got was not especially enlightening, just a referral to read their blog which I had already done.  I don’t know if this project will ever lead to widespread application, but it is encouraging to see people working on improving communication and coordination of care.  Our system boasts incredible technologies, but the care people actually receive is terribly fragmented.  I hope we see more research of this nature in the future.

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