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My yoga teachers are awesome and my blog has had over 2000 views!

March 31, 2012

So I noticed I have surpassed 2000 views since I started this blog last November.  I remember thinking when I passed 100 that I would celebrate when I got to 1000.  Well 1000 kind of came and went in a whirlwind after I posted What does it feel like to have a heart attack.  It only took two months to rack up another thousand views.  Wow!  Thanks for your support, everybody!

After I wrote that last post about yoga and accepting yourself and all that I had an experience the other day that made me feel like a fraud.  I got disturbing news regarding my disability insurance right before I was to leave for my restorative yoga class.  I went to class, tried to participate, but lying there in that quiet room with my legs up the wall all I could think of was my anger and the $1 happy hour glasses of wine at the restaurant next door to the studio.  At the break to shift to the next pose, I quietly left the room and slipped next door.  I sat at the bar and drank red wine and ate batter dipped french fries.  At the end of the class time, I ran back to get my mat and my husband and we shared a piece of italian cream cake.  The next day I was thinking about this experience and kind of down on myself for my yoga failure.  When I saw Rebecca on my way in to her Yoga Nidra class, she asked how I was doing.  I explained I had felt like I wasn’t in a good space in her restorative class and had gone to drink wine and eat fries.  Her response was, “That’s awesome!”  My little bit of shame evaporated and I felt so cheered up!  My other favorite teacher, Lisa, was in the yoga nidra class as a participant that day.  What a nice yoga family!

Ah, it feels like the world is a good place at times like these.

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