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An interesting discussion of Coronary Microvascular Disease.

May 18, 2012

A friend from the Inspire community was recently invited to write for the Scope blog published by the Stanford School of Medicine. Annette Pompa writes about living with coronary microvascular dysfunction this week.  Her article describes her experience with the onset of symptoms and diagnosis of coronary MVD.  What makes this article even more interesting is the discussion which follows in the comments.  Annette invited women to write about their experiences living with this disease and many did.  I have a feeling of not being alone when I read all those comments from other women dealing with similar problems to mine.

The tempo of my life changed. Treatment began. I had an increase in energy but pain persisted. I need nitroglycerin for daily angina. Nitrates help constricted micro vessels dilate. I began long-lasting nitrates and use sublingual nitro at will for break through pain. Life began getting better. “Better” was not returning to work. But I no longer slept all day, and had some relief from angina.

– Annette Pompa, The Beast Cut in on My Song: Living With Coronary Microvascular Dysfunction

This paragraph pretty much sums up my experience as well.  Thank you Annette for writing about your life with this disease.  And thank you Stanford for providing a forum for our voices.

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