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Romney, MS, And The Stakes Of The Campaign | The New Republic

June 2, 2012

Romney, MS, And The Stakes Of The Campaign | The New Republic.

A friend sent me the link to this article by Jonathan Cohn on the New Republic website.  It discusses a video recently released by the Romney campaign showing what a great husband he is taking care of his wife with MS.  I suppose this is quite an effective campaign tool, but what does it actually say about how Romney plans to lead the nation?  He claims he will repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and vows to grant all 50 states waivers the day he takes office.  He wants to deregulate the insurance industry, a business which has proven itself over and over again to be predatory.

Here’s what Mr. Cohn writes that get’s to the heart of the matter:

But if you have MS, or any other serious chronic illness, you need more than a devoted spouse. You need a way to pay your medical bills. And, historically, many people with MS have struggled with that. MS is a long-term, progressively debilitating disease, requiring ever more costly treatments and equipment. The bills are high enough that even patients with private insurance have struggled with out-of-pocket expenses or run up against annual or lifetime limits on payments. And those patients have been, in some respects, the lucky ones. People who buy coverage on their own or through small businesses frequently end up with exorbitant rates or skimpy benefits, or can’t get coverage at all. Those are just some of the reasons the MS Society has long supported reforms that would, among other things, provide “comprehensive, quality health care available to all.”

As my friend said in her email forwarding the link, “insert any chronic illness name into each place that says “MS” and get a good idea of what is happening and what will happen if Romney gets his way.”

Romney portrays himself as a devoted, caring family man.  What about caring for your society?  The president of the United States is like the head of a huge family and is responsible for caring for the least member of that family.  Mrs. Romney appears to have had excellent treatment for her chronic illness.  Not all of us are blessed with the money and resources available to her.  In fact, most of us have considerably less.  While I am happy for her good fortune, I would like to see more compassion on the part of these extremely wealthy people for those less fortunate.  Instead of crowing to his rich, conservative friends like Donald Trump about how there’s no free lunch and people need to pay their own way, maybe Romney should actually be studying what happens to most people who suffer from chronic, progressively disabling disease.  We use our energy to complete such ambitious tasks as getting up in the morning and getting dressed, trying to exercise enough to at least maintain what abilities we retain, and traveling to doctor’s appointments.

Caring for our sick and our aged is what makes us a great society.  I’m tired of watching these rich people gobble up their tax cuts and flaunt their wealth while more and more Americans can barely afford food and shelter, much less health care.  I have spent my career caring for all kinds of people.  Often their conditions were the result of their inability to get good, basic, preventative health care.  Those who want to hold on to every last penny of their vast wealth at the expense of their fellow citizens should feel shame.  Instead they brag about it at every opportunity.  It is difficult to maintain hope for a better world amidst all this greed.

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  1. June 2, 2012 9:14 am

    Thank you for bringing this information to the people! Those of us who frequent this site would do well to forward this content to the masses. Your interpretation of the article and the issue make it lucidly clear that we would do well to vote for Obama this year. While no party or president can “make our wishes come true”, I believe that Barrack Obama and his Affordable Care Act will save lives, make life more worth living and ensure that ALL Americans can have quality health care.
    GO OBAMA!!!!!

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