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Cheering people up in the hospital.

August 9, 2012

The last couple weeks have been busy and tiring, having my husband’s children visiting and incredibly hot weather.  I’ve wanted to keep up my writing, but energy and ideas deserted me for a while.

Today I saw an article on the Time Magazine site, The Ultimate Cute Kitty Video: A Cat Kaleidoscope Eases a Girl’s Cancer Ordeal.  The staff at Seattle Children’s Hospital collected cat pictures via their Facebook page and made a slideshow using some 3000 pictures sent in by fans.  They projected the pictures on sheets draped over the girl’s bed.  There is a video with the story showing her reaction.  It brought tears to my eyes.

I reached this story via another story from Time, Killer Kitties.  Researchers collected data from dozens of “kitty cams,” apparently hung on cats’ collars.  This is technology I have always wanted to harness.  I have a very independent cat who stays outside the majority of the time.  I have always wondered what he does out there.  I imagine his adventures are much like the ones shown here on the National Geographic’s and University of Georgia’s Kitty Cam site.

As I’ve been writing, my own cat adventures involving a long, skinny box we have dubbed the “kitty tunnel” have transpired.  My cats have been climbing in, out, through, and over it, bringing smiles to my face.

I wish we could all have our version of the Cat Kaleidoscope or the Kitty Cam when in the hospital to keep our spirits up.

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