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A voice for those trying to care for a mentally ill child.

December 19, 2012

I read a wonderful article today by Liza Long, a woman describing her experiences raising a mentally ill son.  She describes so eloquently the barriers to obtaining appropriate care for very troubled children.  It’s even harder to get care for adults.  See her story on the Anarchist Soccer Mom blog.

This blog post led to a response from another blogger, Sarah Kendzior.  Her critique of Long’s public discussion of her family life and murderous fantasies involving her children brings up salient points and leads to a big response from her readers.  Finally Liza and Sarah publish a joint statement on both their blogs:

“We would like to release a public statement on the need for a respectful national conversation on mental health. Whatever our prior disagreements, we both believe that the stigma attached to mental illness needs to end. We need to provide affordable, quality mental health care for families. We need to provide support for families who have a relative who is struggling.
“We both agree that privacy for family members, especially children, is important. Neither of us anticipated the viral response to our posts. We love our children and hope you will respect their privacy.
“Our nation has suffered enough in the aftermath of Newtown. We are not interested in being part of a ‘mommy war’. We are interested in opening a serious conversation on what can be done for families in need. Let’s work together and make our country better.”
Both Liza and Sarah make good points.  The important thing is that people are talking and raising awareness.
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