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Random acts of kindness.

February 10, 2013

My husband and I have up and down finances.  We used all savings and sold most assets of any value to support ourselves during the time we were unable to work but not receiving disability benefits.  We now live paycheck to paycheck and often empty the bank account before the next check arrives.  Last week my husband stopped at the pharmacy to pick up some of his medicine.  The total was around $50, $10 more than we had in our account.  It wasn’t an emergency.  My husband could have left one of his prescriptions to pick up later and just taken the important stuff.  But it turned out he didn’t have to.  The woman behind him in line insisted on paying for his medicine and wouldn’t take no for an answer.  Her gift was quite touching for us and helped us have money to spend on gas and food the rest of the week.

I often wish I had the money available to do generous things like that for people.  I do what I can, things like giving a couple bucks for the food bank at the grocery store or a dollar or two for the Humane Society at Petsmart.  I occasionally give money I’ll probably need later to people begging outside the drug store.  I suppose what is more important than the money is the kindness.  No matter how poor we are, we can always have compassion for others.  I try to offer my help through my blog and by answering questions about health related topics on support forums.  I strive to view others’ actions with a generous heart, even when part of me would like to drop kick them across the room.  It doesn’t always work, though I haven’t actually kicked anyone lately!

My husband and I are fortunate.  We had enough resources to make it through a couple years of health crises and a significant period without income still living in our own apartment, not homeless or living with relatives.  We’ve been able to pare down our expenses and find creative ways to manage.  It seems for now our health situations are relatively stable.  Our families have been very supportive as well as occasional strangers.  I’m glad we have blessings to count!

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  1. Beverly permalink
    February 10, 2013 6:00 am

    Great post and a very touching and good example of a small kindness going a long way. You give of your time in such a helpful way–that is HUGE and helps so many. You are rich in wisdom and knowledge, and touch many lives–and I call that being more than generous. You are sharing what you have.

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