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Another new brace.

May 7, 2013

Well, as I revealed a while back in my blog, My awesome new knee brace, I use a cane and a knee brace to manage my osteoarthritis.  I have to say though that the infatuation for the McDavidness did not last.  My husband convinced me I needed to return the brace after two days.  I stand by my previous review and vouch for the relative mojo of the brace, however our relationship was doomed from the start.  The snug fit I praised at first became more of a torture chamber than a support after an hour of wear.  The problem was that my thighs did not have the cylindrical shape the brace was designed for.  My thighs have a more feminine funnel shape.  Thus while the fit was fine and maybe slightly loose on the calf, it was tight on the thigh causing the metal support structure to dig into my flesh.

I bought another brace, this time made by Mueller.  Mueller is another company which manufactures braces and supports for sports.  The pictures on their site are all of young athletes engaged in hard charging activities like tennis, running, and basketball.  Recently my husband’s podiatrist commented favorably on the brace, “Mueller makes some good braces.”

Mueller Hinged Wraparound Knee Brace Model 3333

Mueller Hinged Wraparound Knee Brace Model 3333

This brace has worked out a lot better.  The main difference is its wrap around design, rather than a sleeve type design.  That means I have more versatility in the adjustment of the velcro to make it fit my body.  Again, the lower end of the brace that fits below my knee is slightly large and the upper end that fits around my thigh is a bit small.  Since the brace has velcro fastening, I can attach the top flaps to each other at an angle and with just the last half inch of the straps overlapping.  The velcro holds all right once the outside straps are fastened.

While the Mueller 3333 does not have McDavidness and mojo, it fits better and gets the job done.  I do like its slim profile.  The hinges do not rub my other knee.  Years ago I had an obscenely expensive Donjoy brace.  It was all metal and I got to pick the color (they even had leopard spots) but the hinge area bumped my other knee, altering my gait.  Also it was not adjustable for weight gain or loss over a certain amount.  I think movement was better with that brace, but overall versatility was less than these velcro adjustable over the counter braces.

So, to find the best fit, sometimes you have to try out a few different models and brands.  This Mueller brace works ok for me now.  I’d love to find one that fits a woman’s thigh better, though.

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