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A couple of articles telling the truth about Obamacare.

November 26, 2013

I ran into a couple of articles today that echoed what I was trying to say in my post yesterday about my experience with Obamacare.  I’d like to share them to expand upon the points I already made.

First, my friend Beverly sent the link to Paul Krugman’s article from the New York Times, California Here We Come?, in which the columnist points out the fallacies inherent in declaring Obamacare a failure based on the faulty performance of the federal insurance marketplace,  He offers California’s successful marketplace as an example of what this program will be in the future.

This morning I encountered this story by Michael Hiltzic of the LA Times, The Obamacare Success Stories You Haven’t Been Hearing About.  Hiltzic talks to people around the country who have signed up for the new policies available for 2014.  People who were uninsurable now have reasonably priced policies and many people are finding cheaper policies that offer much more comprehensive coverage.

This is exactly what I was hoping for back in 2009 when the Obama administration was trying to get started on health care reform.  At that time, I changed from a full time employee to per diem in the hospital ICU where I was working.  The stress of night shift was harming my health and my manager would not allow me to go to day shift.  Changing to per diem allowed me to sign up for open day shifts and work fewer days per week, but made me ineligible for the employer sponsored health coverage.  COBRA for myself and my husband cost over $1000 per month.  I took a second job as adjunct faculty at a community college teaching nursing.  I enjoyed teaching very much, but my chances of securing a position that offered benefits were slim.  If my husband and I had been able to sign up for the kind of coverage now available at that time, I would likely have continued teaching instead of returning to hospital work full time.  Would that have saved me my heart attack?  Impossible to say, but it would have reduced my stress tremendously.

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